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That last chick we had didn’t have curves like today’s chick. Barbie Banxxx got a phat ass bubble butt, don’t she? She cant even keep that dress down far enough to cover all that ass! bsh942-a-7365

So, we got the ass and now we’ve got the titties. Barbie Banxxx got the full package. She exposed those big ass titties and showed off her huge aerolas. You  see them panties too? I’m ready to pull those mother fuckers off with my teeth, and have her wrap those thighs around my neck while I chow down on that pussy.bsh942-a-7379

See, she know whats good for her. She kept on goin and began pulling those panties off. Fuck yeah, she shaved too! bsh942-a-7410

Mmmmhmmm. Tell me that ass ain’t fucking fine! I’m ready to get my dick wet now. She showing me how she want me to fuck her. Just need to bend her over a little bit more to stick that phat ass out.bsh942-b-7422

I had her wrap those lips around my dick first. I tried finding a flaw with Barbie, but it’s impossible. So far she got the curves and the skills. Lets see how well she can take my dick!bsh942-b-7427

I bent that bitch over on the couch and showed her who her daddy is. Those warm ass pussy lips felt fucking wrapped around my dick like a suction cup while I thrusted my cock deeper and deeper inside her. Barbie even began slamming that phat ass against my cock. Chick liked it rough!

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Ay yo, check out this barely legal cum dumpster I got here with me today. She ain’t a dime, but I still wanna tag that tight little ass of hers. Ya feel me? At the end of the night I get my nut off and she goes home. I ain’t complaining. Now, you ready to watch me deep dick Cocoa Dickens?bsh943-b-6802

She wanted me to fuck the hell out of her too. You know I beat that fucking pussy up like a screen door in a hurricane. Had the bitch callin me daddy as I gave her every inch of my dick.bsh943-b-6829

These hoes always trying to ride my dick like they can do something, but Cocoa wasn’t half bad. She didn’t have much of a ass to work with anyway. She need to get on them squats!bsh943-b-6850

I spun that bitch around and pounded her little fuck hole while she was on top. I bet she ain’t walking right tomorrow and got a little hobble in her step care of ya boy! Right after I got my nut, I lit up a fat ass blunt to finish my night off and passed the fuck out.

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You know what they say about girls from Brazil. Yup, they’ve all got amazing big booties! Just like Agatha here. That ass is phat and this chica is begging to have that booty pounded by a fat cock. Today, Agatha is going to get herself a big, black cock to fill each of her holes. I bet she’ll be excited when she see’s the size of this monster!

Agatha wasn’t hesitant and ripped all of her clothes off right outside and spread those legs wide. Showing you just where she wanted to be fucked hard. That body is fucking sweet, isn’t it?


Like a pro I tell you, like a pro. Agatha gobbled this cock up like it was a five star dinner. She couldn’t deep throat the whole thing, but I’ll give her an A for effort. It’s always hard to deep throat your first black cock without gagging and puking. It’ll come to ya girl. Just keep at it!


And here’s what we were all waiting for. She hopped on all fours, spread those legs apart again and let me take her on a trip to pound town! I beat that pussy up and give her every inch of my cock until she was begging me to stop.


Since she was enjoying my cock pounding skills so much, I decided to take a detour and shove it up her Brazilian booty. She took that shit like a champ too! I fucked her ass hard…with hardly any lube and she just loved it. Holy fuck, do I love Brazilian girls!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m surely not going to turn down a Mother and her step daughter. Specially when they look this damn good! Missy Lou and her mom, June Summers have always been a little “friendly” with me and today I had the chance to capitalize on their  friendlyness. I guess it’s something about BBC’s that drive these women wild. They’re tired of that little white dick not fulfilling their needs.


Phat ass mom and her tight bodied little daughter. You’ve got the best of both worlds here. I bet this MILF can ride a ride like no fucking other and I’m about to find out just how much of a cowgirl she can pretend to be. I cant wait to begin digging into their pussies!


Am I in heaven? Because it sure feels like it! I’ve got the daughter squatting her twat on my face while the mom rides my meaty black cock. I had those pussy lips stretched open wide! And damn this tight, teenage pussy tastes amazing!

I thought the taste of her fresh pussy was amazing…up until I tried shoving my cock inside her! Talk about a tight ass pussy!! Holy fuck man. This bitch was tight and fucking loved when I went balls deep, shoving all ten inches of my black mamba inside her fuck hole.


Of course mom wanted some more of this BBC, so I laid that bitch down, spread her legs and pounded that hairy cunt while she screamed and moaned like she was being raped! Her daughter sat behind me and diddled her pussy while I fucked the brains out of her mom. I eventually finished and glazed both of these women’s faces with my load!

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You know what’s better than fucking a smoking hot white bitch? Fucking two of them! We have Gina Rome and Brittney Kane here today ready to get their pussy rounded out by a thick, black throbbing cock. These two kept bragging about how they loved and could handle the biggest of black cocks, so lets see how this pans out!


So far, so good. The MILF went right to this BBC like there were magnets in her mouth and his cock. They say older women give the best blow jobs, right next to fat chicks and I think they’re right. She sucked this meat stick like a fucking Dyson vacuum and got him rock hard faster than any barely legal cum dumpster could. Brittney Kane is just patiently waiting her turn to slob on his knob.


Since Gina Rome did such a good job sucking this black cock, he chose to bend her phat ass over on the side of the bed and took her to pound town! He slammed his cock in her hairy snatch and fucked her till she was almost crying. Talking about knocking the cobwebs out of a pussy!

Gina wanted control, as most women do and climbed on top to see just how deep she could get that cock inside her baby maker. As you can see, Brittney Kane is still waiting to have her pussy attended to and decided to play with herself while she waits. It looks like she’s almost enjoying herself as much as Gina…yeah, right!


Ah..yes! It was finally time for Brittney to get that tight little teen pussy penetrated by her first big black cock! She took it like a fucking champ but you could tell she couldn’t handle all 9 inches.


Look at her biting her lip while she’s getting fucked hard and deep from behind. This bitch must like it rough — she’s covered in bruises and wanted her pussy stretched by a monster cock. We’ll, we sure made her dreams come true today. Who wants to bet Brittney won’t be walking right for a week? Haha!

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My Stepbrother Fucked Me 2 with Sole Dior



My Stepbrother Fucked Me 2 with Sole Dior

Watch Sole Dior get her dirty little teen pussy busted by a huge dick in this XXX film made just for you by the Filth Freaks team. This little cutey has the cutest little brown and round booty you want to pound. Sole Dior is a horny little slut. Trip out with your cock out while watching her fuck and suck like a true professional. This little XXX vixen is loving her job. She gives great head too! Daddy would be proud!

My Stepbrother Fucked Me 2 with Sole Dior

Sole Dior has more stepbrothers than you can imagine. It’s was pretty funny when her and the hired talent saw each other in the staging area before the shoot and had a big laugh. This ain’t no joke, Sole Dior is fucking her step brother for the first time. Apparently he has been following his sisters exploits in porn and contacted us behind her back, not thinking that he could possibly be set up with his own step sister. What a crazy coinky dink!

My Stepbrother Fucked Me 2 with Sole Dior

Check out Sole Dior in this XXX movie trailer to see how Sole performs. You will want to join to see the full movie, because Sole is selling it hard. She gets pummeled pretty hard by her step brother’s thick black curved cock.

My Stepbrother Fucked Me 2 with Sole Dior My Stepbrother Fucked Me 2 with Sole Dior


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Down in Brazil they got some fine ass hunnies like this girl.Those thick fucking thighs, dark nipples and bubble butts like bookshelves….Mmmm! The only problem is you can barely understand these broads and some of their accents. We really didn’t get her name, so we’ll just call her Nany for now.


Here’s that infamous Brazilian booty I was talking about. Every single girl in Brazil has a fine, mother fucking ass! Everywhere you go, it’s ass like BLAM! Go to the beaches and watch the women walking around in their skimpy g-string thongs all day long. If you haven’t been, GO!


Look how inviting that pussy is. Don’t you just want to dive on in and taste that South American flavored pussy? I know I’d love to! If you look close enough, you’ll see her pussy is pierced too. I wonder if she walks around all day getting off while he pants and panties rub against her piercing.


Once this guy whipped out his big ass black cock, she was on it like flies on shit. She grabbed a hold of that anaconda with a kung-fu grip and shoved it right into her mouth. I don’t think we need to care about what she’s saying or trying to say at this point. This thick hunnies wants the D and she’s going to get it!


It didn’t take long before she hopped up, slide this bbc inside her twat and started to slap those butt cheeks against his thighs. Ass clap? No, that ass was bouncing around like a set of big tits in a marathon! That poor bed sounded like it was screaming for help every time she slammed her ass down and took all of his cock deep inside her.


It was all fun and games until this guy took control and literally pounded that pussy. This chica was screaming bloody murder as her pussy was demolished! I can tell she was enjoying it even though it looked as though she had never had a dick bigger than 5 inches!

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Macy Cartel and her phat white bubble butt


Take one look at this fine, blonde bombshell, Macy Cartel. I guarantee you’ll be cranking away at your cock before the end of this preview! There’s something extremely sexy about a natural blonde, specially with striking blue eyes and one mighty fine white booty!!!

Macy Cartel may be petite, but this white girl got curves in all the right places. Add in some under-boob and she’s looking better and better.


Don’t you just want to spank that phat ass white girl booty? Macy slowly pulled down those short denim shorts and teased us with her donk  better than a stripper on a pole.

No booty-hole bleach needed here with Macy as that asshole is perfect in every way. I bet she’d love a wet tongue shoved into her anal cavity too!

Then Macy turned around, removed her bra and exposed those perky tits and puffy nips as she continued to slide her lace panties down her long legs. She’s still giving us those bedroom eyes too. Macy definitely wants to have that pussy annihilated sooner than later.

I don’t care who the fuck you are — if you’ve been with a woman with  a meaty pussy, you’re going to love it. The way those lips wrap around your cock as you’re penetrating her is simply amazing. They’re quite fun to suck on too ;)


See what I mean? Macy (and tons of other women) fucking love having their pussy lips sucked while you’re going down on them. Don’t forget the clit either boys!


If Macy wasn’t perfect enough…those eyes…Holy shit balls! Is that not one of the sexiest looks you’ve ever seen before? I don’t know a single man who would turn down having a woman this good looking slob on their knob.

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Ebony pornstar Maserati indulges in a BBC


Maserarti XXXToday, we’ve got the curvaceous ebony pornstar Maserati XXX bounces her big apple booty over to filth freaks. There’s no doubt her boy toy will be busting his baby batter all over her phat ass and huge HHH natural tits.

filth-freaks-maserati_002Didn’t I tell you this big booty black bitch had some junk in the trunk? Her ass makes that black thong completely disappear! I bet her pussy is already nice and creamy just thinking about getting pounded by a thick, black cock.

filth-freaks-maserati_003Maserati hops down on all fours to do a little bit of teasing before she rips all of her clothes off and gets a deep pounding. I don’t know about you, but is that not one of the most inviting positions ever? Face down, ass up!

filth-freaks-maserati_004Now, you get to see a bit more of this delicious ghetto booty cum guzzler. Those big ass titties and her completely shaved black pussy are just begging to be licked like a lollipop.

filth-freaks-maserati_005Don’t let ebony bbw pornstar Maserati fool you. She can take the biggest black cocks deep into her throat without choking the slightest. We’ve got this bitch going balls deep  and just begging for more!

filth-freaks-maserati_006The time has come for filthy freak Maserati to lay down on her back, spread those thunder thighs and get her baby maker penetrated by this lucky fuckers BBC. I told you her pussy was all creamy and ready to be fucked. Just take a look at it! It’s screaming for more, isn’t it?

filth-freaks-maserati_007We couldn’t let Maserati walk away without hopping on top and giving this guy a ride. Her tight, black pussy swallows his up cock as those monstrous titties bounce wildly as she slams her ass up and down on his thighs.

filth-freaks-maserati_008Maserati relinquishes some of her control while riding him, and lets him take some control and pound away at her pussy as she sits on his cock. It doesn’t take long after this before this black ho is getting those titties plastered in jizz.

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BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

Do you love black BBWs? You just might fall in love with Egypt. This big black Filth Freak is a cock master. She’s a true professional cocksman. This big bitch is tattooed with some crazy art. She definitely has no self respect. That’s why she is featured here on the Phat Booty Hoes website from Filth Freaks. Watch this horny BBW snag onto that dick, holding on until she gets an explosive load of man custard sprayed all over her pretty cheeks!

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

Check out Egypt’s giant pooter! It’s a good thing we dressed her up a little bit in some fancy high heels and fishnet stockings! What a big scrumptious black ghetto ass! It looks like it needs a hard spanking.

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

Booty is beautiful right? That’s what this skinny white guy thinks! He volunteered to film this XXX interracial set for free! That’s how bad he wanted that big ebony porn star ass. We told him that if he couldn’t perform he would have to pay us for the shoot. He did not disappoint, but for the love of God, take off your socks already!

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

First and goal at the bunghole! Dude is going for a first down! Egypt loves to play ball. She’d play wide receiver if she could actually run.

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

Wait what? Egypt has a clitoris in her throat? It couldn’t be! She loves to suck cock to completion. Check out the full movie preview from your friends at Filth Freaks. If you think Egypt is the BBW of your dreams wait until you see our next update. Whoa doggy! Bigger and blacker than ever!

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

Here’s a great close up of your favorite phat booty BBW cock sucker. Seriously, she looks great in this picture. Honestly have you ever seen a  girl who didn’t look great with a dick in her mouth? I didn’t think so!

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

BBW Ebony Pornstar Named Egypt

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